In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Festival d'Été de Québec, we literally took over the event.

Inside our gigantic Bell space, 4 floors of innovative experiences were awaiting the visitors. At the first floor, VR masks allowed participants to watch immersive and exclusive music shows, specially recorded for the occasion.

Upstairs, a record collection of over 200 pieces from the most iconic artists who played at the festival since its beginning was created with the help of local music stores. From Quebec's classics to international legends like Metallica and Kanye West, participants were able to wander through a real musical time machine. 

Thanks to RFID chips hidden inside the covers, visitors could play their favorite records - being a vinyl, a CD or even a cassette - just by placing them on top of the interactive music stations. Music started playing instantly through ultra directional speaker so the participants were the only people able to hear.

On the next floor, an infinity room allowed participants to create a mesmerizing souvenir of their experience. In the middle of the room, a mysterious blue button was triggering a musical show. The lights surrounding participants were magnified by the mirrors creating a magical effect. The participants' dance moves were recorded as a gif and also printed for their greatest pleasure.

Participants were then invited on the rooftop terrace where they could try the last innovations in mobile photography by taking panoramic pictures of the festival. And the technological experience was even extended to the stage where an AR camera was adding effects on the crowd that the public could watch live on the giant screens.

This experience allowed Bell to make thousands of participants go back in time through an amazing musical and technological journey.

Agency: Youville
Client: Bell
Category: Events / Experiential marketing / Sponsorship activations 
Roles and responsibilities: Creative director / Designer / Copywriter / Creative technologist


Prize « Best activation in a festival »

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