To inspire the new generation of Canadians to unleash their talent harnessing the latest innovations from Samsung, we launched an online contest called “Flex Your Design” that invited young creators to design a case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

We also collaborated with some of the most talented artists across the country: Pony, Mega McGrath and Ben Johnston; and followed their process in making their own cases to create inspiring content spread across social platforms.

To engage participants even further, we created the Samsung Galaxy Studio which opened its door during Mural festival in Montreal, the biggest urban art festival in Canada. Inside, participants were guided into creating their design for the contest, but also had the chance to try the innovative features of Samsung devices with three interactive experiences:
- The artist studio invited participants to create their case design before printing a poster version of it, like real artists
- The photo studio allowed participants to immortalize a picture of themselves with their masterpiece using Samsung FlexCam mode
- The digital graffiti wall let participants make their mark on a 40-foot long LED screen using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 as an interactive spray can

Agency: Mosaic
Client: Samsung
Category: Content (web, social) / Experiential Marketing / Events
Roles and responsibilities: Creative Director / Copywriting / Technology

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